Why Chicago is a world class meeting and event destination

December 31st, 2022 | hereschicago

McCormick Place Convention CenterWhether you want to plan corporate meetings or conventions, you usually have people coming in from various locations all over the country. Which brings the question, why should you consider a city like Chicago for your event? What makes Chicago stand out when it comes to corporate meetings or as an event destination? Let’s find out!

Incredible event venues

One of the advantages brought by Chicago when it comes to events and conventions is that you have incredible venues. These stand out with their astonishing features, but also the ease of use and the fact that you have all kinds of options to choose from and customize.

Easy to access

Chicago is very easy to access, it has 2 airports and you can easily arrive here from anywhere in the country. That, combined with the massive number of event establishments makes it ideal for pretty much any corporate meetings, conventions or anything in between.  Not to mention, Chicago is centrally located from the East and West Coasts which makes it more convenient for your attendees to fly into Chicago.  Also, it’s always 72 degrees indoors 🙂

Very good accommodation

Chicago features world class hotels, in fact it has some of the top brands in the industry. You also have prices for everyone, which is why it’s well worth checking out, as that alone can be well worth the effort and you will be amazed with the benefits and quality.

Great diversity

Another advantage of Chicago is that it has a world-class culture. At the same time, it focuses quite a bit on diversity and it allows everyone to feel happy, respected and appreciated. Needless to say, this is the ideal place for type of convention or corporate event.

Suitable for any kind of event

Chicago is great for pretty much any type of event. You have a large array of people that will attend even niche events, and it’s stuff like that which will help make a huge difference for any conventions or corporate events.


As you can see, Chicago is an amazing location for anyone that wants to create a convention, hold a business event or start corporate meetings with clients. One thing is certain, you have access to outstanding accommodation and dining, but also state of the art events as well. In fact, with help from Here’s Chicago you can easily study and narrow down some of the top event destinations in Chicago, all you have to do is to browse the website and find the best options right now. Check it out for yourself, and we guarantee you won’t have a problem finding the best venues for your upcoming Chicago event!

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