Find the best suppliers to hire for your Chicago Private Event or Corporate Meeting

December 29th, 2022 | hereschicago

Planning an event in Chicago can be very exciting, but also quite challenging as well. There are a multitude of challenges to deal with when it comes to finding Chicago’s best suppliers, and the same thing can be said about event or meeting planning in general. Which is why we created a list with some tips and ideas to help you find the best suppliers for your Chicago event!

Create a list with all your needs

The main focus is to create a list with all your needs. Generally, for an event in Chicago you need a venue, catering team, videography and photography experts and entertainment. Then you can ad some adjacent suppliers according to your own requirements.

Start searching online

Platforms like Here’s Chicago are great, since you can find a lot of vendors according to your budget and requirements. From here you can start creating a shortlist based on things like their website, availability and other factors.

Check their experience and reviews

During the event planning process, a very good idea is to assess the experience of your suppliers. Working with vetted experts is imperative, since you want to ensure that those people will get the job done right and without issues. You should consider checking their online reviews too. That way you get to see how they worked with other people, what complaints previous customers had and so on. It just makes it easier to understand the type of service they provide.

Understand their pricing

Some suppliers will provide a complete service for their quoted price. Others will just offer a basic service and you have to pay extra for other things. That’s why you have to understand their pricing, as it makes things a whole lot easier. Here’s Chicago makes it easy for you to find pricing by connecting you directly to the group or private event manager of venues, team building companies, restaurants and event service providers.

Think about value for money

You shouldn’t always go with the cheapest price. Your focus is on getting the most out of your money. That’s why you want to go with an exceptional service, even if it costs more. Event planning is all about managing the entire process adequately and making sure that your event stands out. Which is why you always want great suppliers that go beyond the call of duty.

Assess their communication

After you create a shortlist, get in touch and let them know your needs. This will allow you to figure out how they communicate, if they reply to you quickly, the tone they use, etc. Your first interaction with suppliers can help you figure out if a supplier is good for you or not.


As you can see, finding the best suppliers will end up taking some time, depending on your needs. If you need assistance with event planning in Chicago, we recommend using Here’s Chicago right away. Our website gives you direct access to some of the best service providers in Chicago and the adjacent regions, and you will find it easier than ever to create any event. Give us a try today and let us take your event planning and meeting planning to the next level!

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