Mousetrap Race Car Challenge by WCF Events

Founded and Headquartered in Chicago since 1997

Creativity, Innovation and Group Problem Solving

Looking for a team event that focuses on creativity, innovation and group problem solving while offering some good old fashion competition? WCF’s Mousetrap Race Car Challenge requires team members to work together to design and build a self-propelled Mousetrap Race Car from an old-fashioned mousetrap and other household items. The goal is to make a car that travels farther than your competition!

Groups are divided into teams of equal size to design, build and test their race cars in the allotted time. Each team is provided with identical supplies in their “race car kit” making the teams’ innovation a main driver of the competition. During the building phase, teams must also multi-task and answer themed trivia questions (including custom company trivia if desired). Each correct answer adds distance to their starting position at the final race, so more correct answers equal a bigger head start.  Along the way there are two “trial runs” where teams are given the opportunity to test their car to determine any necessary alterations needed before the final race. The key is to work together to adapt and change the design, creating the car with the best wheel alignment, weight and overall design to travel the furthest distance - hopefully with a little head start!

At the end of the event, teams compete one at a time in a distance competition to see which car travels the furthest. Points and/or prizes may also be awarded for most creative design, best car name and more. In the end, the Mousetrap Race Car Challenge is the perfect combination of innovation, perseverance and competition.


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    Corporations and Association groups (up to 3,000 people) for corporate functions and team building activities at our facility and offsite throughout the city and suburbs.

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    Our ability to listen to each client’s unique needs, create fun and innovative programs to cater to these needs and provide an environment to enhance meaningful relationships. We take each client through a series of questions designed to identify your goal

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    Deliver exceptional and memorable experiences whether the event takes place at our facility or offsite in the city or suburbs. We pride ourselves on executing events that build relationships and deliver tremendous value to you, your boss and your employees.

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    Choices, the ability to customize your event to meet your needs and objectives while meeting your budget and adding value to your team.

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    We provide the best facilitated and interactive events to ensure its clients an exceptional experience that delivers tremendous value along with a relaxing and fun event.

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    BP, Abbvie, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Chicago State University

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Mousetrap Race Car Challenge by WCF Events

Founded and Headquartered in Chicago since 1997
Chicago, ILLINOIS 60614 

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