Corporate Scavenger Hunt Events in Chicago

Founded and Headquartered in Chicago since 1997

Scavenger Hunts in Chicago

Take Employee Engagement to the next level with a custom Scavenger Hunt Event in Chicago. Send your team on missions throughout the city to collect points at different landmark destinations. This whirlwind tour of Chicago includes a staffed 'Spy Guide' to keep teams accountable and on track, maximizing the value of the event!".

What sets our scavenger hunts apart from others is our “Spy Guides”, a WCF staff member assigned to accompany each team to keep them focused on the mission and to answer any questions that may arise during the event. As your team arrives at each destination, they are asked to complete challenges, collect unique items, and take fun and creative photographs for points. The Spy Guides keep track of their progress and to hold the group accountable to maximize the value of the event!

The ending location is also completely customizable. You choose whether to wrap up the event back at the office or with a cocktail reception, casual dinner, or Cubs game, which we can help you coordinate.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts for Remote and Out of State Workers

Our Virtual Scavenger Hunt gets your team working together to complete tasks and challenges in a virtual setting.  It is a great way to inspire motivation and build connections between employees at home or satellite offices!

  • Our most Important Target Market is?

    Corporations and Association groups that are seeking an exciting and creative event that takes place throughout the city and suburbs.

  • We are most proud of our ability to?

    Provide a unique and challenging event that builds teamwork and camaraderie amongst employees while meeting the unique objectives of each client.

  • Unlike our competition, we offer customers?

    Choices, the ability to customize your event to meet your needs and objectives while meeting your budget and adding value to your team.

  • We would like our customers to tell their friends that we provide the best?

    SHIC provides the best facilitated and interactive events to ensure its clients an exceptional experience that delivers tremendous value to its clients along with a relaxing and fun event.

  • We offer our customers the best?

    Facilitated and customized interactive events that meet the goals and objectives of the client. By taking the time to truly understand its clients needs and objectives, SHIC creates innovative solutions and a hassle-free planning experience.

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Corporate Scavenger Hunt Events in Chicago

Founded and Headquartered in Chicago since 1997
Chicago, IL 60614 

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