Event Planner Spotlight – Mike Bojesen, SourceOne Events

December 17th, 2016 | hereschicago
Mike Bojesen

Mike Bojesen

Here’s our interview with Mike Bojesen of SourceOne Events

What are the biggest challenges of meeting and event planning today? Meeting clients budgets

What advice do you have for those seeking to secure a job as a meeting or event planner? Have thick skin

What have you learned being on the job as a meeting and event planner? How to multi task, how to listen to what the client wants, and be a people person

Do you see any new trends in the meeting & event industry? Clients are looking for the next technology type tools to help with the planning, as well as companies that offer the one stop shop solution for their needs. This is what we have created with SourceOne Events.

What type of meetings and events you plan? All types but our focus is more trade shows and corporate shows

What skills do you feel it takes to be a successful meeting and event planner? You need to be a multitasker, organized and be able to make quick decisions

Who has been the biggest influence (professional and/or professional) in your life? My wife, she has always been there for me and my career

What’s your favorite place in the entire world? At the Beach (Laguna Beach)

What is your favorite movie of all time? Tommy Boy Why so? About a crazy salesperson who overcomes obstacles to become great.

What’s your biggest goal in life right now? Be the Best!

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday? By the lake or on the boat with my family and friends

Do you have any pet peeves? Yes, people who lie as well as people who do not pull their weight

What was your family like growing up? Probably like most growing up in the 70’s and 80’s

Have you received any praise or accolades recently? Yes, actually my colleague Ruthi just said I was a very fast learner.

What type of events you plan? Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Branding Solutions

What type of music do you love? Heavy Metal, Alternative (Guns and Roses, Metallica, Foo Fighters)

When not working, what do you love to do? Hang out with my family

Besides your professional talent, do you have any personal talents? wakeboarding, wakesurfing, snow skiing

Have you ever sung karaoke? If so, what song? Yes, after many drinks – Purple Rain and Little Red Corvette

What is your favorite color? Probably Yellow, Blue and Gray

What are you passionate about? Family, SourceOne Events, Football (Greenbay Packers)

What tips can you provide to someone new who wants to be an event planning profession? Be Organized, Know your Client, Enjoy what you do, Be able to communicate with others, Treat people how you want to be treated,

Do you have any Association affiliations? IAEE, ESCA, HCEA, Meet Chicago Northwest,

Are you a Cubs or Sox fan? Cubs

What’s your go-to meal when you’re home alone? I would order a pizza

What’s your favorite thing about your hometown? The Lake

Which book(s) have you read multiple times? I do not have time

What’s on your bucket list? Travel to Europe with my Wife

What was your First concert? Guns and Roses

If you had to go back to school or learn a new skill, what would you want to learn? How to play the guitar

What are your thoughts about Hereschicago.com? I think it is a great way for planners, companies, and anyone in the event business to work together with one another.

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