Ultimate Ninjas & ultiFIT is a unique facility inspired by the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior. We have state of the art obstacles from the TV show built by the TV show! Our professional staff have all competed on and trained on all of these obstacles.


Our unique facility allows us to offer an experience for corporate events and teams unlike any other! We will work with the event coordinator to design an event full of activities that fit the groups desires. We offer Team activities such as:

OPEN PLAY: The gym is your playground! Feel free to use the gym and the obstacles at your leisure. Trained staff will be on site to assist and give you various challenges and tips on the obstacles.

TEAM BUILDING: Teamwork, communication, and a lot of fun to help bring your team closer together! Compete in various exercises, games, and strategy based tasks to help build comradery in the workplace! All fitness levels welcome :)

COURSE RUNS: Ever wonder what it’s like to run a real American Ninja Warrior course? Now’s your opportunity to race against your fellow co-workers/teammates for a chance to hit the infamous red buzzer!

  1. Mitchel Bleir (Chicago)Best place to get fit. It's so much fun that you forget your working out. It's an adult jungle gym. Everyone is so qualified and nice. Love it here!”

  2. Edina O’Gradney (Libertyville) I would recommend giving UltiFit a try to anyone at any age and any fitness level. Whether you're a seasoned obstacle veteran, or you've not touched monkey bars in a couple of decades, these workouts will be worth your time. You'll be challenged, pushed outside your comfort zone, have a ton of fun, and walk away feeling stronger than you were when you walked in. Brian, Tori and all the other trainers have a genuine interest in helping everyone who walks into class. It doesn't matter if a class has 2 people or 22, they manage to give each person individual attention. They spot strengths and weaknesses quickly and give just enough push and encouragement to help people get past hurdles and plateaus. They are happy to answer questions about anything and are always there to share technique tips on tackling the various obstacles. Whether your goal is to increase your overall fitness or to make it to the 2019 ANW finals, the awesome UltiFit trainers will help you get there. I've been going to UltiFit in Libertyville since October and I couldn't be happier about my progress. When I first started, I wouldn't even make it up the 8' wall. After only a few minutes after class, Brian had me running up the 10' one! Since then, I've left the gym on most days having done something I hadn't been able to do when I got there. I know this is a long review, but I can't say enough about how awesome this program is. I still do traditional weight lifting and various outdooor cardio endurance sports, and my time spent at UltiFit has helped me with both. Besides, at how many gyms can you spend 60-90 minutes busting your butt AND cheer each other on as you to fly through wingnut alley, climb up spider jump or beat that wall?!?!

  3. Bari Baskin (Naperville) I’d recommend ultiFIT because if I can do it at my age, being totally out of shape from the beginning, anyone can.  It’s really designed for anyone to start wherever they are and simply get better from there, one class at a time. I love the community and have met so many awesome people of all ages and fitness levels.  Brian is a very knowledgeable coach with a great sense of humor. I’ve seen legit changes in the my strength and abilities in just the short time I’ve been taking class, which is amazing to me. The extra special part is that it’s in the ninja gym. It’s the coolest way to see how far you’ve come. Instead of simply being able to curl or press heavier weights and that’s your gauge for progress, you have the obstacles you can try out and play on.  My goals revolve around being able to do some of the obstacles at the gym. I’ve already accomplished 2 goals in 2 months that I easily thought would take me a minimum of 6 months to do. It’s enabled to me to get out on the gym floor and play with my kids on the obstacles and not just always watch from the sidelines. That’s because of my workouts at UltiFIT. I’m excited and motivated to go to the gym on a regular basis, something that has never happened for me, exercise-wise, with anything else other than dance.


  • Total Capacity of Venue

    80 guests

  • Private or Semi Private Space Available

    Yes, we have two private party rooms.

  • Our most Important Target Market is?

    Companies or Teams of 10-80 participants looking for a team building event unlike any other.

  • We are most proud of our ability to?

    Create an uplifting and fun experience for teams and corporations to come learn to work together, cheer each other on, and build camaraderie through overcoming obstacles.

  • We are famous with customers for our ability to?

    Build positive personal connections and deliver quality training through a fun and energetic workout environment.

  • Unlike our competition, we offer customers?

    A chance to play on state of the art American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles in a safe environment.

  • We would like our customers to tell their friends that we provide the best?

    Coaching and inspiration through fitness and fun!

  • Our company enhances customer lives by offering?

    Challenges that will enhance the participants both mentally and physically. Participants will leave feeling accomplished, confident, and stronger!

  • We offer our customers the best?

    Indoor obstacle and team building experience for all fitness levels.

  • Recent Clients

    Big Blue Swim School
    Power Construction
    Lululemon Naperville

  • Awards/Achievements

    Over 15 of our employees have competed in American Ninja Warrior. We have been featured on two WGN news segments, one of which was a live in studio demo of our workout structure. We were voted top fitness club in Chicago by the app Class Pass.

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Ultimate Ninjas & ultiFIT-Team Building Naperville, Chicago & Libertyville

Ultimate Ninjas Naperville 2012 Corporate Ln
Naperville, ILLINOIS 60563 

Neighborhood: Naperville, Chicago & Libertyville
Capacity: 80 guests

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